The Alchemist Chronicles

It's been six or seven months since the Promised Day occurred, but is all really well and peaceful? With the downfall of a society considered to be the stuff of legends comes new problems to solve, new enemies to face, and new places to explore!
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 Jasmine Lisle

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PostSubject: Jasmine Lisle   Jasmine Lisle EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 1:09 am

(There's probably so many errors.. xD Lemme know if there's anything I need to fix.)

*Name: Jasmine Lisle

*Age: 20

*Gender: Female

*Physical Description (feel free to use pictures): Jasmine is a tall, dark skinned female. Her eyes are a soft shade of green mixed with gray. Her hair is short in the back, almost like a bob and slants at an angle to the front until it is more lengthy. She has a pair of long side bangs that go down almost to her elbows. Jasmine wears a headband to keep her bangs out of her eyes, especially when she is trying to concentrate, but doesn't do much when it comes to the side bangs. Her outfit consists of a gray turtleneck, sleeveless sweater and a dark blue pair of pants that are form fitting but are very stretchy and make mobility easier. She wears four greenish gray rectangular bracelets made of metal that match her eyes. She wears black leathery boots that go up to half her calf as she has an obsession with keeping her feet warm.

Goals: Learning to Alkahestry and perfecting it. Healing those in need.

Personality: Jasmine is an overly optimistic young lady with a grin on her face that almost comes off as being cocky. She has a tendency to look on the bright side of every. Single. Thing. Despite any odds that may face her and her allies. She is a fanatic about healing and healing abilities and technology. When it comes to fixing someone up, she goes crazy. Completely and utterly crazy. Like a mad bull in a ring. Anyone who opposes her or resists her desire to help them will most likely be tied down and forced to take their medicine. She tends to develop and evil smile when it comes to this and goes into an 'overdrive' mode. She will attempt hunt the person down no matter where they are somehow. This can lead to people seeing her as psycho insane and unbearable, but as long as you hide your wounds from her, or submit the first time she asks or pounces on you with bandages and healing equipment it won't be as bad. Jasmine doesn't really care for pointless fighting, even when provoked by someone. She has some strange love for cows, and doesn't enjoy eating anything beef related.

*Occupation: Traveler and alchemist..?

*Skills (can be just about anything): Healing with basic materials, playing the flute (for some reason she can do this), speed (don't run from her if she wants to help you, you'll lose. Seriously.),

*Type of Alchemist: Freelance

*State Title (only for State Alchemists): N/A

Alchemic Field of Study (Only if you want to specify one): Alkahestry

Race: Amestrian

History/Backround: Jasmine comes from a middle-class family. Her family was average, consisting of her, her mother and father, a younger sister, and her uncle. She was raised with peaceful beliefs and staying out of fights. Her parents sent her to work with nurses and doctors every day, helping those in need. Jasmine found herself enjoying helping others, and had a tendency to grow attached to the patients. After she experienced losing several of them because there was little medical treatment available for them she began to grow upset and refused to go to the clinic anymore. Her mother, feeling sympathetic for her daughter, told her of alchemy and something called Alkahestry. Jasmine immediately up and left within five days of hearing about it. Her mother had given her a piece of paper on the concept of Alkahestry and she decided on the spot she was going to become a healer, despite knowing little to nothing about alchemy or Alkahestry.

Other: Jasmine can be somewhat clueless, especially when it really comes down to what her goal is. She tends to be a paradox sometimes, but simply answers with confidence that she is going to heal using alchemy.


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PostSubject: Re: Jasmine Lisle   Jasmine Lisle EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 1:17 am

This is AWESOME for your first go! To make it easier on yourself, you can just put Alkahestry under Alchemic feild of practice if you want XD its not wrong, just a shortcut XDD

Weird, my blue color isn't in the toolbar.... X/

Oh well, WELCOME TO THE SITE!!!!!!!!
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Jasmine Lisle
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