The Alchemist Chronicles

It's been six or seven months since the Promised Day occurred, but is all really well and peaceful? With the downfall of a society considered to be the stuff of legends comes new problems to solve, new enemies to face, and new places to explore!
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 Adam Oarman

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Name: Adam Oarman
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Blond spiky hair. His skin is normal, not too pale not too dark. He wears simple t-shirts of varying colors that have no design on them. He also wears simple blue jeans.
Goals: To have fun and make the ultimate weapon
Personality: Care-free and partly lazy. When he is training the troops he gets serious.
Occupation: Mercenary for military
Skills: Alchemy, Weaponry
Type of Alchemist: State/Freelancer
State Title: Unnoficial- The Blacksmith
Alchemic Field of Study: Metal/Weapons
Race: Human
History/Backround: Him and his sister, (they are twins) always studied alchemy when they were kids. Their parents had the same job as Adam does now, and died when him and sister were just 13 years old. His sister tried to revive the both of them with alchemy, she lost both of her arms but gained the ability to use alchemy without a circle, she now invents things for the military. Once his parents died, Adam became in charge of His family estate(rivals that of the Armstrong's) as well as their business. Shockingly enough, he didn't drive it to the ground. He now works with the military as a mercenary, physical trainer of most state alchemists, and makes specialized weapons for the soldiers.
Other:Unofficial Title -- The Blacksmith
His family has worked with the military since basically it's founding, so he has a pass to everywhere in most military facilities.
His alchemy is all about weapons, he starts out with a broadsword that has small alchemy symbols going up the blade, if he places his right palm over any of them, then it will change shape to a different weapon. Each weapon other than the broadsword will have two signs, one to a different weapon, the other back to the broadsword. His battle style changes with every weapon that he uses. The only weapon he doesn't have in his arsenal is a gun, mainly because the bullets take up more energy and metal. He can still use guns very well, he just can't turn his sword into one.
He calls his sister Kitsune-kun

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YESS!!!! My first Military Man! I'm so happy!!!!!!
Although by race, I mean Amestrian, Xingese, ect. but it doesn't really matter you don't have to change it if you dont want to XD
In other words:


I'll add you to the Census and give you your color now XD

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Adam Oarman
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