The Alchemist Chronicles

It's been six or seven months since the Promised Day occurred, but is all really well and peaceful? With the downfall of a society considered to be the stuff of legends comes new problems to solve, new enemies to face, and new places to explore!
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 Toshiko Kojima

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PostSubject: Toshiko Kojima   Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:25 am

*Name: Toshiko Kojima
*Age: 31
*Gender: Male
*Physical Description (feel free to use pictures): He is a caucasian with red hair and blue eyes. He wears blue jeans with his sneakers. He also wears a long sleeve red shirt with a blue vest. He wears a navy blue Bandanna on his head. He is on the tall side, and isn't very muscular, instead being rather skinny.
Goals: Ah, that's a secret. (A.K.A: I'll tell you later.)
Personality: Toshi is a layed back and calm person. He can still keep calm under pressure, which can help him in various situations. His layed back attitude can also put him in some bad situations. Even though he is a mercenary, he still has a concience and won't do anything he views as wrong or not worth it.
*Occupation (Alchemist, Military Officer, Shopkeeper ect. Does not apply to Homunculi.): Ex-military, now a mercenary for hire.
*Skills (can be just about anything): He is average with some weapons, and is athletic and flexible.
*Type of Alchemist (Freelance, State, ect.): Freelance.
*State Title (only for State Alchemists): None.
Alchemic Field of Study (Only if you want to specify one): The elements.
Race (Amestrian, Xingese, Homunculus, Chimera, ect.): Human.
History/Backround: Toshi grew up with his parents. He took an interest in alchemy at an early age, and learned it as he grew up. Later in life, he joined the military. There, he learned some skills and became proficient with some weapons. Later in his military career, there was an incident that caused him to leave the military behind. He now lives as a traveler, going from place to place.
Other: He carries two different types of weapons with him, a katana and two handguns. There is nothing special about any of his weapons.
...oh, and Kitsune~Kun
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PostSubject: Re: Toshiko Kojima   Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:51 am

Hope you dont mind me posting, but I thought Toshiko was a female name, and that the male equivalent was Toshiro
ko is a female ending for japanese names. Cant remember what it means exactly, but an example of the name in use would be Toshiko Sato, a character from torchwood.
ro however is a male ending, cant remember the exact meaning to this one either, but for an example, Toshiro Hitsugaya ffrom bleach, or Toshiro Mifune from whatever anime/manga he is from.
Yea... So. Both names mean summin like 'genius child' I just thought i'd make sure you knew Toshiko was supposed to be a female name.... Though if you end up using Toshiro instead I probably wont be able to take your char seriously cause i'll always imagine Hitsugaya xD
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PostSubject: Re: Toshiko Kojima   Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:15 pm

Great job! If you want to change what Desert pointed out, I'll leave the topic unlocked for awhile XD
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PostSubject: Re: Toshiko Kojima   Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:40 pm

Personally, I just came up with a random name that sounded japanese. I dind't actually know it was a real name Razz so, I'm gonna leave it as is just to make it interesting. 'Cause you know, men with feminine names are just all the more weird. So, I think this can be locked now I guess XD.
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PostSubject: Re: Toshiko Kojima   

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Toshiko Kojima
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