The Alchemist Chronicles

It's been six or seven months since the Promised Day occurred, but is all really well and peaceful? With the downfall of a society considered to be the stuff of legends comes new problems to solve, new enemies to face, and new places to explore!
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 Lorelei Sugawara

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[The feilds marked with a (*) are required.]
*Name: Lorelei Sugawara
*Age: 16
*Gender: Female
*Physical Description: Like this:
Lorelei Sugawara 1-60
only with crystal-clear light blue eyes and she wears her hair in a high ponytail, and when she lets it down it goes down past her waist. She also wears that outfit, but the long-sleeve shirt is white and the ribbon she wears is light blue, as well as her scarf and her skirt. She stands around 5'7".
Goals: To regain the memory of her former life and return to the home where she was born.
Personality: She is a serious yet kind person who isn't easily angered. Her calm and collected personality hides her many secrets...
*Occupation (Alchemist, Military Officer, Shopkeeper ect. Does not apply to Homunculi.): Traveling Alchemist
*Skills: Swordplay, a little Alchemy to start off with and learns more along the way, High intellegence.
*Type of Alchemist (Independent, State, ect.): Independent
*State Title (only for State Alchemists): None
Alchemic Field of Study (Only if you want to specify one): None
Race (Amestrian, Xingese, Homunculus, ect.): Moon Tribe
History/Backround: Lorelei Sugawara originally lived happilly in her lunar home, the Moon Tribe, a highly-advanced civilization that is considered a fictional location spoken about in myths on Earth. Her father was none other than King Sugawara, the leader of the Moon Tribe. She had other siblings, some of who were younger and the others older than her. Even though she was the middle child, who was often overlooked, she was the favorite of her whole family and even the Tribe itself. She was even selected to become the next heir to the throne because of her talents and extremely high intellegence. One day, though, the Moon Tribe was attacked and almost completely obliterated. Some citizens were chosen to escape this tragety, Lorelei being one of them. As she was escaping, though, she was attacked and crashed down to Earth, wiping her memory absolutely blank on impact. She now travels the Earth, attempting to regain the memory she lost, which slowly comes back as she travels.
Other: She has some technology from her former life that she had packed in a large brown shoulder-bag which she carries around with her. She also finds fragments of relics and technologies from the Moon Tribe during her travels. One of them is a beam sword called "Discord's Bane", which is hidden in a silver flute, her favorite instrument which she can play very well. When she activates it, it can either look like this:
Lorelei Sugawara Okami___Waka_by_TsukiokaMokona
Or this, if she releases the blade from both sides:
Lorelei Sugawara Kurow_okamiden_by_alphelia-d3d7rkx
look behind the wings to see the whole sword.
The blade that appears from the flute looks like this:
Lorelei Sugawara Fantasy_Swords_Luciendar__Sword_of_Lig_KR4_698
only the hilt is the flute and the blade is made of blue light.
The flute itself has strange Moon Tribe markings incribed onto it, which constantly glow with a faint blue light, which intensifies when she releases the sword.

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Lorelei Sugawara
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