The Alchemist Chronicles

It's been six or seven months since the Promised Day occurred, but is all really well and peaceful? With the downfall of a society considered to be the stuff of legends comes new problems to solve, new enemies to face, and new places to explore!
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 to be named latter because I hate naming topics

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PostSubject: to be named latter because I hate naming topics    Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:41 pm

James looked at his watch it was half past midnight he waited watching the house it held a criminal in fact it was a black market hot spot. Jame's had been very inactive lately and he needed a good catch to put him back on his game being out of the spot light for a long time was bad and if he wanted to look good he would need to be consistent in his actions of good. popularity was one of the things needed to move up in ranks another was power and a third was respect or fear which ever was prefered. He lit a cigeret and had a smoke the deal would be made soon he would tail the dealer and track him the buyers would just get away today long as no one heard from them people would assume they were missing James hoped. He moved closer to the abounded home he tripped over something and fell with a light thud. He cussed under his breath and rose back up.
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PostSubject: Re: to be named latter because I hate naming topics    Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:57 pm

Two young twins, exactly alike, but the opposite of one another, currently took up residence in the abandoned house. Rui, dressed in mostly black, sat in a corner, seemingly in deep thought. Mai on the other hand was bored and kept trying to find something to do. After a few suggestions from her twin, Mai finally decided to get some shut eye, curling up on a heap of sacks, loose hay and plants that they had managed to gather together from the vicinity of derelict house, making a temporary bed.

As Mai slept on, Rui found herself unable to sleep. She was odd in the fact that she much preferred the night to the day and often stayed up late.
Silently, she got to her feet and wandered towards the abandoned exit. She froze, however, upon hearing a light thud from outside. Rui sensed annoyance, faintly emanating from someone and quickly deduced that it must be coming from whoever had caused the 'thud'. Concentrating, she noted the exact position of the source of the emotion and silently continued to creep towards the exit, though now she took to hiding in the shadows. She was determined to discover why someone would be here at this unholy hour in the first place.
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to be named latter because I hate naming topics
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