The Alchemist Chronicles

It's been six or seven months since the Promised Day occurred, but is all really well and peaceful? With the downfall of a society considered to be the stuff of legends comes new problems to solve, new enemies to face, and new places to explore!
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 Kaguya, Jojo

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Jojo Kaguya

Jojo Kaguya

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OOC: Hello "Kitsune~Kun", hope you enjoy my app.

Name: Kaguya, Jojo
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Jojo has a thin smooth face with soft skin. Her cheeks are average in muscle tone and confinement. Her lips are plush with a light shade of pink. They normally line upwards with a smile. However her social face is with a caring mother complexion. Jojo's eyes are keen with blue. Though her pupils are oddly large for dilation. Jojo's hair is blonde, short, and messy. Her hair used to go strait down to her butt. Her hair has naturally been cut but has also been treated plenty of times with small time trims here and there. Her blond hair is completely natural.

Her figure is very feminine in admiration to most boy fantasies. Her breast are over average with the bulbous size of D-cup. Her thin gut line comes from her small weight and tall height. She has long shaved legs. Her skin tone is naturally tanned white. Through this her figure is seen as a beauty that can not be taken. Her cloak is of the white shade while underneath she wears a tight fitting ruby tunic. This is her custom uniform when off duty. Where as when she is on duty she will wear the uniform while wearing red cords wrapped around her right should symbolizing who she is. Jojo has a few scars here and there and those include the tattoo marking across her back as well. She has the scar that looks like a pitchfork over her heart. She also has a crimson dragon tattoo on her back. The dragon covers most of her back with wings and tail. The dragon was made from blood ink that has long past dried over.
Goals & Personality: Some of Jojo's worst topics of discussion insist on destroying others. War is never her favorite option as she despises such measures as she would merely fight to end it as soon as possible. She likes to cave, swim, hike, and kiss. That would be the oddest bit of her is that she will kiss the most random people that could be seen. Even though she swears she is strait and only likes guys she will kiss girls at random. She has only this one persona that can not do much with aside from defend. She is the absolute defense in this. She lives to protect human life but not to follow its standards of living. She is often seen as a heretic or pessimistic and at times a masochist. She is many things while living the life to protect those she can not stand to see harmed.

Jojo does not appreciate harsh amounts of tone and anger with people being short to her. Short as in angry, questioning, etc. She is flawed in the aspect that she has personally hated her family and due to this has made them pay the final price. This still haunts her in her nightmares so another thing she does not like is nightmares either. One thing she will never get to accept is persons whom kill without question or motive. She has trained well these past few months. Her training exceeded even the highest of expectations. She has learned much and that shows her dedication to her life's goal. Her life goal being the protectionist of the general public, the citizens. To become an angel of the night. With this dream she can protect anyone within her sight and that is what leads her on.
Occupation: Military Officer
Skills: Alchemist (though this trait is hidden), Sharpshooter, & Close Combat specialist.
Type of Alchemist: Hidden Talents
State Title: ----
Alchemic Field of Study: Nature
Race: Amestrian
History/Backround: All that is known is that for the past five years Jojo has served the training camps of the soldiers well, still holds a high class (though the highest may have changed since 5 years ago) of marksmanship with a bow and firearm. The ability to make toxins, poisons, and antidotes has been passed from her to the library of eternal ideals inside the capital. Within here all of the nature research she has performed, while keeping her alchemy out of eye's view, has proven quite beneficial to her. Her history is only the military history, reports, and back checks of her non-alchemist family background.
Other: Though Nature is her only form so far, being that she can manipulate the sand in the alchemist ways alone with plants, she is still learning and hopes to learn a large array of alchemy to further the protection of people.
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Looks good, and very very detailed. Approved!!
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Kaguya, Jojo
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