The Alchemist Chronicles

It's been six or seven months since the Promised Day occurred, but is all really well and peaceful? With the downfall of a society considered to be the stuff of legends comes new problems to solve, new enemies to face, and new places to explore!
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 Samuel Claxton

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Character Bio:
Name: Samuel Claxton
Age (preferably 13-15): 15
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: A young, lithe teen with slightly tanned causcasian skin. Roughly 6'2" tall, Sam usually wears black jeans, with a t-shirt with a distinct image. His sharp blue eyes match the colour of his sneakers.
Personality: While intelligent, Sam's attention span is quite small and he often says/does things to give himself short term fun. This is often construed as irresponsible, but Sam doesn't often pay enough attention to care for other peoples thoughts. Sam dislikes the idea of forcing Pokémon into battles, and therefore he asks his companions to battle for themselves, not for him.
History: Sam has spent his life in Luminos Town, when the local Pokémon Professor handed over his starter Senna, the Eevee, Sam began training to start his journey. His lack of responsibility has caused him not to leave home until his ripe age of fifteen. Senna follows him outside his ball and Sam considers Senna as his closet friend and not as a pet or battler.

Starter Pokémon:
[Starter Pokémon Bio]
Nickname (if you want one): Senna
Gender: Female
Level: 5
Type: Normal
Ability: Adaptability
Personality: Senna is as flighty as Sam and just as mischievous, but is loyal to only Sam.
Moves (can know 1 breeding move): Tackle, Helping Hand, Tail Whip and Tickle.

Howdy -"Kitsune~Kun"
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Approved. ;3
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Samuel Claxton
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