The Alchemist Chronicles

It's been six or seven months since the Promised Day occurred, but is all really well and peaceful? With the downfall of a society considered to be the stuff of legends comes new problems to solve, new enemies to face, and new places to explore!
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 Elysia Ruirinto

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PostSubject: Elysia Ruirinto   Elysia Ruirinto EmptyMon Feb 13, 2012 10:39 pm

Name: Elysia Ruirinto{Roo-ee-reen-toe} The names dont have any meaning to my knowledge.
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance: Pale girl with blue eyes and short black hair like this;
She wears jeans with a short dress over the top and a thin white cardigan. She has three of these dresses in total, each a different colour;
When its colder, she'll replace the thinner cardigan with a beige trench coat and a black and white checkered scarf.
Sorta rough sketch of her like XD;
Personality: Elysia is a naturally bubbly and friendly person, though she can be stealthy and silent when she needs to be.
Elysia was brought up in Crux village by her mother and father. For her thirteenth birthday, they gave her an empty pokeball and said to her, 'You can go into to forest and catch a pokemon of your choice with this pokeball. That pokemon will then be yours to start a journey of your own'
Elysia promptly nodded and agreed, borrowing the family's pet Emolga to help her. At first, she only ran into Weedle and Caterpie, but Elysia was determined not to have a bug type as her first catch as they were way to easy to find in the forest. It was then that she stumbled upon a group of Murkrow, all stood near the base of a tree. Elysia soon realized that these Murkrow weren't behaving normally and crept over to investigate.
The reason for their irregular behavior was a younger Murkrow. On closer inspection, Elysia could see that it had multiple injuries. She tried to calm down the other Murkrow so that she could get closer to help the injured one.
When she finally got close enough, she gently picked up the young Murkrow and despite the other pokemon's loud cawing protests, she began to search for some Oran berries. Her mother had once told her that although fairly rare in Cephei Forest, Oran berries can grow pretty much anywhere and so there must be some somewhere that we havent found yet.

It took a while, but Elysia managed to find a small amount of the blue berries and broke them up into smaller pieces so that the Murkrow could eat them easily.
After it ate the berries, Elysia stayed in the forest overnight to look after it and make sure it got better. By morning things started to look up and the group of Murkrow seemed to accept Elysia as their friend. The younger Darkness pokemon was as fit as a fiddle by mid-morning and though she would probably never find out what happened to it in the first place, she felt a sense of achievement.
Now that the Murkrow was better Elysia decided to head home as her parents were probably worried about her not coming home last night. She told them her story and decided to head out again the next day after a nice long rest.
Elysia woke up the next morning to tapping at her bedroom window. At first she ignored it but as it didn't seem like it would stop anytime soon, she got up and opened her curtains to find the same Murkrow she had helped the other day, perched on her windowsill. Blinking, she opened the window to let it in.
The Murkrow cawed cheerfully before landing in Elysia's lap and it didn't take long for Elysia to realize why the pokemon had come back to her. It wanted to say thankyou... and it wanted to stay with her.
Smiling, she held the pokeball her parents had given her in front of the Murkrow, asking it to make the decision of its own accord.
Th Murkrow smiled back at Elysia before gently tapping its beak onto the pokeball and being sucked inside it. The pokeball immediately clicked and the youngest Murkrow became her first pokemon.
After nicknaming the Murkrow Nightshade, Elysia decided to take some supplies, clothes and other necessary things into the forest so she could live there for a while and train herself along with her pokemon. Her parents, always the pokemon enthusiasts, also gave her five pokeballs, a pokedex and an assortment of berries to get her started. She is now able to leave Cephei forest whenever she likes and go on her own journey.

Starter Pokémon: Murkrow?

[Starter Pokémon Bio]
Nickname (if you want one): Nightshade
Gender: Female
Level: 5
Type: Dark/Flying
Ability: Super Luck
Personality: Nightshade is a rather intelligent Murkrow for her young age. She knows a lot about humans and their technology, though it is mostly information passed down through the group of Murkrow she used to live in. Nightshade has a rather mixed personality overall and usually mirrors the emotions of her trainer, reflecting the close bond they share.
Moves: Peck, Astonish, Pursuit, Mirror Move(Egg)
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PostSubject: Re: Elysia Ruirinto   Elysia Ruirinto EmptyTue Feb 14, 2012 8:39 pm

This is fine XD I just don't want TOO many chars like her XD
Anyways, approved
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Elysia Ruirinto
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